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The McGee Project
Recovery is POSSIBLE

The McGee Project

Educating Communities and Supporting Those Struggling with Addiction

Court McGee is a powerful and entertaining speaker that connects with youth through his raw and honest storytelling. His message is that recovery is ALWAYS possible. His goal is to reach every individual who needs help. EVERY LIFE MATTERS.

Youth Motivational Speaker on Addiction

Court McGee always tried to reach the "one" in a crowd who needs to hear his message of hope and recovery. He tells a compelling story for a crowd of any size, but his favorite part of speaking is staying after to talk to kids one at a time. It's always about the ONE.

High Schools

Our goal is to connect with teenagers one-on-one. Court has a unique ability to capture the attention of young people and open their hearts to have greater compassion for their peers who struggle and to seek help if it's needed.


Court will speak with a group of 10 or a group of 10,000. He works with future educators and current students to open their eyes to the struggles of an addict and to provide resources for those who are fighting with the disease of addiction.


McGee has demonstrated success in assisting offenders who struggle with addiction. He reaches out to individuals to provide resources and he works with groups to reduce criminal behavior in our communities.

Youth Detention Centers

A staggering number of youths in detention centers have problems with addiction. Court isn't afraid to be real with these kids, speak their language, and connect with them in a significant way.

What We Do

We meet youth wherever they are. When you book a speaking engagement with Court, he will meet with administrators, counselors, and teachers to create a presentation that will address the specific concerns of your school or group. Each speech is customized for the unique teens or young adults in your program. Court will get down in the trenches with youth leaders to help lift those who struggle with addiction or love someone who does.

The McGee Project

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