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The McGee Project

The McGee Project

Since 2015, The McGee Project has been on a mission to educate and inform, as well as save, young people from the disease of addiction. The McGee Project works to provide life-saving education to high school and university students regarding the disease of addiction.

The McGee Project provides powerful stories from recovering addicts, who have found a way to overcome addiction and have gone on to achieve their dreams. We connect youth with resources that will aid them on the path back to recovery, whether by means of social worker support or private providers.


Our Board Members

Justin D. Seely

Chairman of the Board

Justin graduated from Southern Utah University with a Degree in Criminal Justice and earned his Master in Social Work Degree from The University of Utah.

He has extensive experience working with youth in a variety of treatment settings, including a residential treatment center, case management, as well as Secure and detention facilities.

Justin's passion is serving others who are in need and making his committee better. In his “free time,” Justin enjoys wrestling, historical sightseeing, finding good food, and life in general.

Justin is married and the father of three children.

Derrin Owens

Board Member

Representative Derrin R. Owens serves in the house of representatives for district 58 covering east Juab County and all of Sanpete County. He serves on the Natural Resources and Economic Development Committees and is Chair of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee.

He has been a high school teacher, coach, and counselor for 26 years and is a member of the Utah School Counselor Association and the American School Counselors Association. Recently he accepted the economic development liaison position for Snow College.

Hollie Holman

Board Member

Hollie is excited to be a part of The Court McGee Project and is passionate about helping to spread his message and resources. She graduated from Southern Utah University with secondary teaching credentials and from Arcadia University with a Masters in Education.

She has worked in education for 15 years as both an administrator and teacher. Her career has spanned kindergarten through 12th grade; public, private and charter schools. Her career began in the inner city in Philadelphia where she saw firsthand the devastating effects of drug use on families.

While she is currently on sabbatical raising 3 young children, she looks forward to continuing to work with schools and students as part of the McGee Project team.

Our Staff

David Sollami

Executive Director

David Sollami has been working with Juveniles for over 13 years, recently working in the communities helping youth make a healthy transition who have served time due to drug abuse, or other serious crime-related charges. He is currently working as an administrator for Juvenile Justice Services in the State of Utah.

David Sollami is a Certified Public Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minor in Marriage Family and Human Development, from Brigham Young University, where he played football on a full-ride scholarship under Lavell Edwards and Roger French.

Working with the McGee project as the Executive Director, he is focused on helping his good friend and fishing buddy, Court McGee, achieve the vision of reaching and educating youth across the nation, in the fight against the opioid crisis.

T Daniel Sherwood


T Daniel Sherwood is a Certified Public Accountant with Heath and Company and T Daniel Sherwood PC in Provo, Utah. T Daniel has been in the accounting, tax and attestation fields for over 45 years, practicing in Salt Lake City Utah during the years since 1973.

T Daniel specializes in representing clients in the field of accounting and tax fields with Clients throughout the United States and the attestation field for small business and tax-exempt charitable organizations.

T Daniel Sherwood works hard to always stay on the cutting edge of current tax codes and law to better serve the needs of his clients' business and filing requirements.

T Daniel Sherwood's mission statement is to learn the needs and/or operations of each Client to better serve the Client, whether individual, corporate, partnership, trust, charitable or attestation.

Kenley McAvoy


The life of Kenley McAvoy has also been marked by redemption. His fall from honor student to suicidal alcoholic in a period of seven years seemed destined to end tragically. Through the miracle of recovery, Kenley has been given a new life. Now an award-winning speaker, published writer, and Cambridge scholar, Kenley has devoted his new life to teaching truth and empowering others.

The McGee Project

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