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  • 12 Minute Video
  • 35 Minute Presentation
  • 15 Minute Question and Answer
  • 30 Minute Meet and Greet with Students

Pictures and Selfies are encouraged.

Mission Statement

The Mcgee Project is on a mission to educate and inform as well as save young people from the disease of addiction. The Mcgee Project works to provide life-saving education to high school students regarding the disease of addiction. The Mcgee Project provides powerful stories from recovering addicts, who have found a way to overcome addiction and who have gone on to achieve their dreams. We connect youth with resources that will aid them on the path back to recovery. Whether by means of social worker support, or private providers.

The Mcgee Project will leave no youth behind.

Non-Profit Organization Fee:

  • $1500 for Junior High, High School
  • $2500 for College/Universities

Please reach out to schedule a presentation at your school:

The McGee Project


M-F 9AM - 5PM