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The McGee Project

How You Can Help

Addiction is an overwhelming problem in our society and individuals who battle with this disease often find themselves without resources for help. You can help make a difference in the lives of individuals and families!

Our Goals

The goal of The McGee Project is to engage with our community, creating a powerful impact and opportunities for change.

Speaking Engagements

A majority of our donations go toward speaking engagements. These opportunities allow us to connect with many and find the few who really need assistance with addiction. We speak to small groups as well as large audiences.

Our goal is to reach the one person who needs us, whether they're in high school, at a university, or in a youth detention center.

Wherever we are needed, we want to be there to help.

Treatment Assistance for Youth

Often at our speaking events, we meet young people who are struggling with addiction and need help to reclaim their lives. 27% of donations are spent connecting teens and young adults with counselors, crisis centers, or community helpers who can provide the help that is so desperately needed. Your donations provide the chance for real change in these individuals and our community as a whole.

Punch Pass Program

We use 18% percent of our funding for extracurricular programs like the Punch Pass Program. This program is designed to help teens and young adults overcome addiction by creating connections and finding fulfilling alternatives to abusing drugs or alcohol. We provide gym memberships in partnership with local gyms and other similar opportunities so that these young people can learn healthy ways to cope with their problems and build relationships in their communities.

Whether it's one time or a set amount each month, we hope you'll consider making a donation to our program. Help us reach out to the one and make a difference for all of us.

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The McGee Project

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