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What do I do?

Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle! It’s ok to be afraid, but you are not alone. Do something, talk to someone you trust. People care about you!

Where do I go??

For suicide or drug addiction, there is a lot of help available to you. School teachers and Counselor’s care about you and want to help you.

Anonymous help: Utah 211 you can call, chat online, and get the help you need. This is a trusted resource.

Another good resource for any type of crisis is Utah Suicide Prevention.

Who should I talk to?

Anyone! Parents, Friends, Teachers, Counselor’s, Therapists, and Religious Leaders. Ask for it, demand it!

You are important!

When it comes to suicide or addiction what kind of help is out there for me?

There are good online resources that can help, but your teacher, counselor, school administration care and love you. People are not perfect, but if you reach out for help, someone will reach back!

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