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Kenley McAvoy

The life of Kenley McAvoy has also been marked by redemption. His fall from honor student to suicidal alcoholic in a period of seven years seemed destined to end tragically. Through the miracle of recovery, Kenley has been given a new life. Now an award-winning speaker, published writer, and Cambridge scholar, Kenley has devoted his new life to teaching truth and empowering others.
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T Daniel Sherwood

T Daniel Sherwood is a Certified Public Accountant with Heath and Company and T Daniel Sherwood PC in Provo, Utah. T Daniel has been in the accounting, tax and attestation fields for over 45 years, practicing in Salt Lake City Utah during the years of 1973 to 2004 and then during the years of 2004 to present. T Daniel specializes in representing Clients in the field of accounting and tax fields with Clients throughout the United States and the attestation field for small business and tax-exempt charitable organizations.

T Daniel Sherwood works hard to always stay on the cutting edge of current tax codes, changes in tax laws to better serve the needs of Clients business and filing requirements. T Daniel’s business has come through referrals from existing Clients and has been growing over the past from 20% to 30%.

T Daniel Sherwood mission statement is to learn the needs and/or operations of each Client to better serve the Client, whether individual, corporate, partnership, trust, charitable or attestation.

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